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How to have an amazing bridal shopping experience as a plus size bride!

For some plus size brides, there is a dreading feeling when starting out on the journey to finding the perfect wedding dress for their big day. Some brides are not confident and feel they will never find anything to fit or a dress that gives them the tingles and makes them feel like they are on top of the world. That is why wedding dress shopping should be a wonderful experience. As women, we are never happy with everything to do with our bodies. We tend to find something wrong somewhere and find it hard to accept compliments about our body assets.

Generally, 75% of brides have body issues, whether this be bums, belly's, thighs, back cleavage or chubby arms. Every woman no matter what size, will always find an issue about their body they don't like. When you remember that this is a "girl thing" and not a "plus size thing" it can make you feel a whole lot better. As a plus size bride visiting just any bridal shop is a mistake as most local bridal stores hardly ever stock plus size dresses let alone stock them in all sizes. That is why we recommend you search out bridal boutiques that specialise in plus size.

Plus Size Bride in an A-line Wedding Dress
Plus Size Wedding Dress London

We have found that plus size brides-to-be will not bother attending wedding fairs and shows because they believe their needs will not be met. Those we have spoken to, feel size 6 and 8 are the standard “acceptable” fashionable sizes because the dresses displayed at these events are usually those sizes. They would rather look online to try and find a bridal boutique that carries plus sizes.

Though lots of bridal shops claim they can cater for plus size brides, which may sometimes be the case, the reality may be that the number of plus size samples to view and try on may be minimal. L’amour Curves works hard to stand out to ensure that our brides can try on dresses and feel good that there is a gown for every body type, shape and size. We aim to provide samples from size 16 up to size 34 so that your shopping experience does not make you feel embarrassed trying on gowns that do not fit.

No one will ever know better than you what dress you like and feel comfortable in. It’s a cliché, but true, that you wear the dress, the dress doesn’t wear you. So, make sure you’re not so bowled over by a gorgeous gown that you forget to ask yourself how you feel in it. Once you’ve got a dress on, take time to imagine the key moment of walking down the aisle towards your future husband. You need to look at the whole package and find something that makes you feel happy. It should be a dress that makes you feel like the very best version of yourself.

Always choose a specialized plus size boutique to avoid the embarrassment of having to let consultants try putting dresses on you that do not fit. If you have to travel to find that special dress that will fit comfortably and perfectly, then do so because it will be worth it on your very special day. Genuine plus size boutiques will always stock larger sized wedding gowns that will not make you self-conscious when trying them on. The dresses will also be the best quality made with the plus size bride in mind. The corset and internal bra structure will be made to fit and accentuate your curves showing off your best bits.

At L’amour Curves we will always ensure we provide a wide range of wedding dresses to suit your body style therefore enhancing the many beautiful areas of the body that brides tend to ignore. We will include dresses that enhance areas of your body that you feel are your best features based on the styles you choose.

Bridal gowns come in so many different styles i.e. A Line, Fishtail/Mermaid, Column/Sheath,

Fit and Flare/Trumpet, Basque, Drop Waist, Empire, and Princess/Ballgown. You could decide on long gowns or Short/Tea Length dresses, using shawls or jackets as cover ups if required. You have a wide choice of necklines starting from the well-known and well-loved sweetheart neckline, V Neck/Plunging, Round, Square, Bateau/Boat, Crowl, Portrait, Illusion, Scoop, Asymmetric/One Shoulder, Halter and Spaghetti Straps.

We would ask that you be open to trying wedding dress styles that you probably feel may not suit you. Seeing a dress on a hanger or mannequin is very different from seeing it on your body and realising that it does accentuate the waist or hides areas you may feel you do not want to show.

Visiting a boutique that truly specialises in plus size affords you the chance of an enjoyable wedding dress buying experience. At L’amour Curves we stock a wide range of sample gowns in various styles and sizes available for your appointment and if we do not have it in store, we will order it in time for your appointment to ensure you find that special dress for your special day.

Every bride dreams of having her fairy tale wedding event and we know that no matter how good and well organised the actual wedding event is, if the bride is not happy with her dress, the whole experience for her will be a disaster despite the compliments she will receive from family and friends.

Don’t be afraid to ask your consultant questions or voice suggestions you might have regarding anything to do with your dress and your appointment, that is what they are there for. But an open mind on your part will result in a satisfying wedding dress shopping experience and you walking out with your dream dress.

Click here to book an appointment at L'amour Curves Plus Size Bridal Boutique today.

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