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Planning the perfect winter wedding

Having your wedding during the winter season can be quite exciting. You t need to plan ahead knowing it will definitely be cold.

The great thing about winter season weddings is that there are more availability for venues, rates are cheaper and you will have more suppliers to choose from. Also friends and family are less likely to be away on their summer holidays.


It is a good idea to book a venue where you can have both your ceremony and reception at without having to travel elsewhere. Visiting the venue in the evening gives you the opportunity to ensure it will be suitable for your wedding day and will fit in with your theme.

Check that the venue has areas suitable for all your needs i.e. size, dancefloor, good lighting for taking photos etc,. and consider sorting out a hotel or B&B nearby for guests who may want to stay overnight.

Colour themes

Don’t feel you must restrict yourself to the normal Christmas themed wedding, feel free to choose whatever takes your fancy. You can choose colours such as golds and creams, rich purples, jewel colours such as emerald greens, silvers and whites with crisp blues, etc.

Invites and stationary

Try to ensure your stationery matches your theme. You could make it glamorous and elegant using metallics, gold and navy combinations which are great. You might want to avoid colours that would make your wedding day just another Christmas celebration.

Oh, It’s cold outside

Consider providing hot drinks such as warm spiced cider, mulled wine, tea, coffee and hot chocolate to warm up your guests. Some blankets and shawls would also come in very handy to keep guests warm.

What are you serving?

For a winter wedding your menu should be hot and comforting followed by something warm at the end of the night such as warm mince pies, hot chips, etc. It’s a good idea to try out food favours as well, such as truffles or festive biscuits.


Wedding suppliers are getting very creative with décor. Using Pinterest to create fantastic mood boards will give you an idea of what you would like your decorations to look like. Wintry plants and flowers such as ivy, holly etc., would look great. Based on your theme, you could choose a rustic setting or a more modern look. Use rustic backdrops with hanging foliage and fairy lights, and centrepieces with floating tealights for a romantic feel. Your event planner will be able to help you choose based on your mood board. For entertainment, a life swing band, solo singer or solo saxophonist contributes to the ambience of the evening.

Your perfect bridal gown

Just because its winter does not mean you shouldn’t get the bridal gown that you have always dreamed of. Simply choose a dress that you love which makes you feel a million dollars and you can add a beautiful bolero or jacket. If you feel you need to, use tights or leggings to keep you warm. Don't be afraid to go for colours such as, champagne, ivory or blush for your dress as these colours add some warmth compared to a white dress. For your bridesmaids, choose a colour that goes with your theme.

Makeup and Hair

You could decide on whether to have your normal everyday makeup, go for a natural look or a complete change. If you are having a makeup artist attend, have a trial run to see which direction you wish to go in. As for your hair, depending on whether you will be using a veil/tiara, you can decide to either have it packed up or let it down.

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