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Top tips on Choosing Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides

Age is but a number and you deserve to look and feel a million dollars on your special day. Be on the look out for dresses that you feel comfortable in and makes you look beautiful.

The choice of dress styles is yours, as you probably already know what sort of styles suit you in the High Street fashion shops. You may prefer a ball gown to a fitted dress or a short T-Length dress to a full gown, the choices are endless. Vintage inspired gowns are quite classy, elegant and timeless. Maybe a fit and flare or an A-Line would be more suited to your style, give yourself the chance to find out which suits you best by trying them on. You may decide to go for a modern, classy and trendy jumpsuit if you do not wish to wear a dress, basically you can wear what you want, it’s your day.

Choose a neckline which is flattering. If you have cleavage and want to flaunt it, go for it with a sweetheart or V plunging neckline. The scoop, bateau and illusion necklines are quite flattering too, so give those a try too. Vintage dresses made with lace and beading can give a romantic feel.

As for colour, you can choose to wear whatever colour you like. There is no rule exempting you from wearing white if that is what you want or choosing any other colours such as blush, ivory, champagne or be daring in red, blue, purple etc., it’s all available to you to choose any colour that compliments your personality.

At L’amour Curves, our consultant will be on hand to recommend dresses that will suit and flatter your figure. It maybe you feel a bit anxious about certain style dresses, but attend your appointment with an open mind as we are sure that trying on different silhouettes will show you what suits you best. Your focus should always be on your best assets, lovely curves, beautiful legs, etc., your consultant will help by recommending dresses that accentuates the areas of your body that you love best.

For areas that you feel conscious of like most women i.e., the arms, you can choose to have a dress with sleeves and have the choice of different styles - long, short, three quarter, off the shoulder etc. You could even go for a beautiful little jacket instead.

When it comes to your feet, pick a pair of shoes that is beautiful but comfortable to wear or have a spare change of shoes which is more comfortable for the reception where you will be walking about, greeting guests and dancing.

To complete your look, try using accessories which does enhance the look – a tiara perhaps or just a decorative hair comb, a veil, a jewellery set, a sparkly belt etc.

Getting married later in life can be challenging especially as wedding gown photos tend to have young models in their 20’s, but if you listen to your heart and forget the age, you will end up with a dress that makes you feel like a million dollars and enjoy a fabulous wedding day.

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